Equity Trading Capital Offers Online Courses for Series 56 Exam

admin Series 56 Exam July 28, 2011

In light of the creation of Series 56 Exam, proprietary traders and market makers are in panic. They must pass the Proprietary Traders Qualification Examination if they wish to continue with their trading career. The license they receive upon passing allows them to prove that they have enough knowledge and skills in securities markets, anti-fraud provisions, investment strategies, applicable products and reporting the stock market.

Equity Trading Capital, a reputable equity trading firm based in New York, assists traders that are concerned on this breaking news. ETC is currently offering online courses and in house trading that will provide the candidates with the Series 56 study materials for prop trader that they need.

What is the Series 56 Exam?

Series 56 examination for proprietary traders is a 100-multiple choice examination that tackles various topics that are very important in trading. Equity Trading Capital makes sure that the subject matter distribution of their online training and in house learning covers all these. The training also works on the traders ability to finish a test exam for 2 ½ hours, as this is the required time for candidates to finish Series 56.

Equity Trading Capital and Series 56 Examination

It is predicted that the Series 56 exam will surpass the other exams out there. Therefore, to prepare them for this test, ETC requires the traders to also take a stab at the orientation test that will prepare them for the actual exam. By being knowledgeable on the basic concepts of the stock market in general, then they can be better prepared o pass the rules in the stock market and trading exchange.

The purpose of the Series 56 exam is to ensure that traders conducting exchanges in the stock market have a right to be there. They receive the license required in order for them to continue trading and handling stocks on margin. Trading in general is a serious matter. Just like any career, there must be an exam that the participants should pass so that they can claim they are licensed to trade there.

If interested, contact Equity Trading Capital. We will provide you with a schedule that works best for you. You can always choose the time that allows you to go at your pace and also learn from the very best.

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