How i can become a better trader?

admin Questions and Answers February 04, 2011

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Trader asks:
David, I have a question for you regarding how i can become a better trader. I am trading for 1 year and i still can’t make any profit. Some days, i make money and other days, I loose. But at the end of the month i am flat or either slightly up , what do you suggest to do so i can become a better trader?

David G. Answers: It is hard to pinpoint the problem without looking at your track record. Sounds like you may have money management issues. You have to make sure your biggest winning day is more then your biggest losing day. I have seen many traders in similar situations and most of them had no control on their money management. It doesn’t matter if you are right 90% of the time on your trades if your 10% wipes out all profits and maybe even more.

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